HR Intern - Winter Intern

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150元/月 上海-徐汇区 实习3天/周 人力资源专员/助理 1人
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工作内容Job description:
1. 根据职位介绍在线搜索适合的候选人,并能独立与候选人进行电话沟通。Researching appropriate candidates online according JD. Be capable to communicate with candidates independently by phone.
2. 协调、安排招聘流程。安排候选人和面试官进行面试。Take the role as recruitment coordinate. Well organize the interview between interviewers and candidates/hunters.
3. 协助完成员工入离职事宜。Support employees' life cycle including on-board and off-board process.
4. 管理员工个人档案、候选人简历、请假申请等文件。Manage documentation including employees' p-file, candidates' resumes, leave application files and etc.
5. 处理月度考勤文件。Handle monthly attendance documents.
6. 支持人力资源的相关项目。Support other HR projects.
7. 部门布置的其他任务。Other tasks as requested.

任职要求 Requirement:
1. 本科在读及以上学历University student or above
2. 每周至少可工作3天 Available 3 days above every week
3. 良好的中英文沟通能力Good communication skills in both English and Chinese
4. 熟练操作相关办公软件Familiar with MS Office software
5. 自我激励,专注,善于学习Self-motivated, dedicated, good at learning


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